The Danger Zone

Music is none of my business

Marge Simpson - The Simpsons

Nothing’s easy

Homer Simpson - The Simpsons 

Marge lost much of the family fortune investing in birth control products.

Narrator  - The Simpsons

I am sure I am alive but why?

Sir Widebottom - The Simpsons

Childish Gambino - Sweatpants ft Problem

Deep visuals and a special surprise at the end, this will definitely be revisited.


I hope I am this sad when I die

Pizza Steve

Becky I think I speak for all of us when I say when is the Ice cream going to get here

Homer Simpson

Comedy Journal #006


The course has been corrected forget what I said about Icarus, he was a fool. Where he failed I shall succeed, I will conquer the sun and charge you for the usage. Please now refer to me as Fitzgerald Honger. I often walk pass gyms in the hope that people think I’ve just walked out of them. I can now tell you I know what it actually feels like to step inside.


Yesterday’s gym was the Jam tree at Clapham common. I left this venue feeling better than I did on Wednesday at Vauxhall. I got out of it what I needed to and now I am ready to move on (If you want me to be more specific tough).The main issue of the night was the crowd. If a crowd isn’t given you the energy it is really hard to pick that up. The compere Lenny was doing his best to inject some life into proceedings but it wasn’t easy. It was mainly in part that half the audience was there to see one double act. It didn’t stop the acts from trying and like they say the show must go on. There was one performer who took awkwardness to the next level. Let’s just say I’ve never seen someone do crunches in their set and probably never will again (Unless I see him again). Tonight was a good example of just working through your material. And that’s about it for today’s journal entry.

I’ve drawn a picture for you to illustrate, me keeping a safe distance from the sun.


Bilal - Soul Sista

Comedy Journal #005


I wonder what Icarus was thinking when he flew too close to the sun; I mean it’s the sun. He must have known he wasn’t going to win a clear cry for help. I thought I was going to avoid this but my hubris got the best of me. After last week’s heroics I felt assured that I was going to kill, I even…