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Comedy Journal 014



Some things you only need to experience once. Yesterday I performed at ‘Upstairs at the Ritzy’ which is the serves as name of the location and the bar. This was a pure open mic where all types of artist are allowed to play in the pool together. It is basically an open party invite from someone…

In this episode we discuss brainwashing, Jamie tries to debunk myths about people who watch animes and Fitz talks about teenagers.

Remix of a song I wanted to do a while ago. Follow @xtheboy so you know when his EP drops.

Listen to the original here:

Additional composition by my bro @mistermack-1

In this episode we discuss diversity in these streets and on TV, a fractured look at Scottish independence and of course our tweets.

FKA Twigs - Two Weeks (Jarreau Vandal Cover ft Ashley Rottjers)

I am about to stick my genitalia into the vocal waves that is this song, judge me if you will I do not care.


abhi//dijon - Honest

Saw this on Dazed Digital.



Chris Malinchak - happiness ft (MNEK)


Adrian Marcel ft. Casey Veggies - “I Get It” (Official Video)


SIDIBE - See You Girl

In this episode we have a special guest ( we discuss the many ways adverts deceive us, how lazy news reporting has gotten and our tweets.

since like the fif grade

This version has got me so hyped I am losing calories just Diddy-Boppin.